Our Mission is to help cancer patients throughout the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, Texas with financial assistance for travel and lodging as the seek medical treatments or second opinions from physicians outside of the RGV. 

James Richard Closner Foundation


The context and reality of our story is rooted in the fact that our community is geographically and socially isolated. Our community is in desperate need of a place in which indigent cancer patients and their families can reach out and seek financial help for traveling and lodging. The James Richard Closner Foundation is the creation of James’ family and his three closest friends. The Foundation was developed in memory of James who passed on to the other side from esophageal cancer at the age of 28 on Christmas Eve 2001. The family discovered a journal after James’ passing in which he had written four goals he wanted to accomplish when he got well. One of them was to develop a foundation to help cancer patients and their families. Thus, the James Richard Closner Foundation was created with the annual fundraisers generating the monies to do so.

James Closner


About Us


Established in 2002, the Foundation helps indigent cancer patients of all ages, throughout the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, Texas with monetary assistance for travel and lodging as they seek second opinions or receive treatments.

The Foundation focuses on three components:

1) Raising the level of hope to our recipients by providing monetary assistance for emergency travel and lodging.

2) Increasing availability to seek a second opinion from a cancer physician.

3) Assisting patient’s families to provide needed resources and seek support groups for mentoring them through their difficult times. To develop the Foundation's distinctive infrastructure, it has created an organization in which people from all walks of life can share their experiences.